Pay As You Feel, in Everton

Let’s really feed the world

A misty morning for my second visit to the open for five weeks now Pay As You Feel Café in Everton.PAYF - 1

The city centre's just down there, somewhere.

The city centre’s just down there, somewhere.

As I walk along Shaw Street to the café.

As I walk along Shaw Street to the café.

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Quiet Days in West Cork

Quiet Days - 1Writing this on the Ianrød Eirann train from Kent Station, Cork to Heuston Station in Dublin, after a week of quiet days in West Cork. Well mostly quiet and mostly West Cork, though we began and ended with nights in a hostel in Cork City. Bunk beds and excitable young voices in there, us taking refuge those evenings in the city’s pubs. The Sin É for the music, the history and the new out last year Rising Sons beer, brewed all of 800 meteres away. And the Shelbourne Bar for rare whiskeys we’d never afford and food you could send out for from the local cafés, such a civilised idea.Quiet Days - 2 Quiet Days - 3

Mostly though quieter days of quieter thoughts far along the Beara Peninsula in furthest West Cork, hanging right out into the Atlantic Ocean.Quiet Days - 4

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Granby 4 Streets – Open to the Future

This was another of our many big days now. First 5 Community Land Trust Houses  finished and open.DSC07461

And here are some of us who’ve helped this to happen: Joe Halligan, architect from Assemble, Tracey Gore of Steve Biko Housing, Lorna Mackie of the Nationwide Foundation, Eleanor Lee of Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, Councillor Ann O’Byrne – Deputy Mayor of Liverpool – and me, also of the CLT.

To come and see us in Granby.

In Granby 4 Streets

At our Open Day on Monday 21st September.Open day

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Our heritage? The Friday Walk

Isn’t ‘Heritage’ a peculiar word and concept? How come some things are ‘Heritage’ and others merely ‘ordinary.’ And who decides anyway? Being ‘National Heritage Weekend’ when you can get into approved places you might not always be able to, I decided to walk round the neighbourhood here and have a think.

Starting at the heart of things.

Starting at the heart of things.

Granby 4 Streets of course. Where I spent most of yesterday and much of the last week. This week we’ve started handing out the keys to the first Community Land Trust houses to come off site. This week they’ve started turning into homes. Heritage or just places where people live?

Off out walking on Friday morning.

Off out walking on Friday morning.

Forever fixing the roads that are too much travelled on?

Forever fixing the roads that are too much travelled on. Heritage or utilities?

Past the Unitarian Church. Heritge and open this weekend.

Past the Unitarian Church, Ullet Road. Official Heritge, William Roscoe and all, and open this weekend.

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Walking in Bath: Just peace

Bath_45‘Busy doing nothing’ but actually doing rather a lot. My partner Sarah Horton takes us to a Lido in Stroud and to pretty well everywhere in Bath – with added opinions. Take it away Sarah!

My ‘weekend in Bath’ actually begins in nearby Stroud. I am visiting my dear friend Gemma here, and she has found a monkey puzzle tree for my Monkey Map project. It’s in Stratford Park and we visit it on our way to the pool.

Bath_01And the pool here is no ordinary municipal swimming pool. No, it’s an open air swimming pool, or a lido.


Through the ancient turnstiles, and into the pool.


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