At last, it’s Monday

Updated, Wednesday 9th January.

Homebaked in Anfield have done it! Today they have passed their Kickstarter target of £13,000 worth of pledges for their bread oven. Well done everyone.

First of these this year, as the light gently returns. Catching up on things you might have missed in and around our world over the weekend, as we enter the brightling days.

Well, as you probably know, our weekend usually begins on Thursday evening. This last Thursday though, we knocked off early and went for afternoon tea on Plot 44.

Tea, cakes and a tower block.

Tea, cakes and a tower block.

Most significant blog post of the weekend for me was on Liverpool blog ‘That’s How The Light Gets In’ where Gerry writes passionately about the importance of public libraries, and Jeanette Winterson’s suggestions for how they could be funded, in ‘Jeanette Winterson….the trouble with books.’ He also takes us on a tour of Liverpool’s beautiful public libraries, many built with the support of Andrew Carnegie, early in the 20th century.

Sefton Park library.

Sefton Park library.

I’ve also written about libraries and Jeanette Winterson, but Gerry’s post is comprehensive and, I think, important.

Also of great interest in a ‘How are we going to live?’ kind of way, was Rob Greenland’s post over on The Social Business blog, about his first full year of not owning a car. Giving a full breakdown of what he and his family have saved by using public transport and occasionally hiring cars, he talks about their aims this year:

“So where do we go from here? We’re going to try to cut down on our car use in 2013. Car hire was pretty erratic – mainly concentrated around school holidays – and it tailed off in the last 3 months of 2012. It tailed off partly because it’s not holiday season – but also because slowly we’re weaning ourselves off having a car. Bit by bit we’ve adapted how we live so we need a car less. But we still know we can easily get one when we need one.”

Carry on Rob, you’re an example to us all.

Meanwhile, our car took us round the Wirral on Friday. The first of our Friday Walks for 2013  was in fact a series of short walks, to see a few of our favourite places on a gorgeous and suspiciously spring-like day.

Signs of Spring. Snowdrops in Ness Botanic Gardens.

Signs of Spring. Snowdrops in Ness Botanic Gardens.

Saturday I was out walking again. On foot, looking for bits of Liverpool in the 18th Century, for a future post.

Liverpool in the 18th century. William Roscoe, the great abolitionist is buried here. In Roscoe Gardens. In the shadow of this piece of 1970s brutalism.

Liverpool in the 18th century. William Roscoe, the great abolitionist is buried here. In Roscoe Memorial Gardens. In the shadow of this piece of 1970s brutalism.

In Anfield, Homebaked Community Bakery’s Kickstarter campaign had a good Christmas and now has over £10,000 of the £13,000 they need for their bread oven pledged. Which is great.

But a reminder. The way Kickstarter works is that you don’t get any money at all unless you reach your target. So it’s vital we get them to their £13,000. Tell everyone you think might not have heard about them yet. And maybe even think about going back on to the Kickstarter site and adding a bit more to your own pledge? 22 days to go, let’s all get this Liverpool community to its future.

See update above, they’ve done it!

Homebaked, Anfield.

Homebaked, Anfield.

And talking of Christmas and end of year stuff (and knowing some readers will only be ’emerging’ this morning), I was pleased to be one of a number of Liverpool types asked to contribute our opinions to Sevenstreets round up of the year and wishes for 2013. Their article here and my full set of opinions here.

Festival Gardens, where the lake's supposed to be.

Festival Gardens, where the lake’s supposed to be.

Sunday, yes an active sort of weekend, my 10k run was interrupted when I arrived at Festival Gardens, only to find it shut ‘until further notice’. I wasn’t too surprised, finding another route round the outside of the site, as I’d noticed it deteriorating in recent months. A real shame for all the volunteers who’ve worked so hard on the place. I wonder how long ‘until further notice’ is going to last? Their website tells us nothing. Last updated last May, it tells us the Gardens are now entering ‘an exciting new phase’!

And finally…

Facing south in Greenbank Park, the daffodils are out. Very welcome, but the first week in January?

Facing south in Greenbank Park, the daffodils are out. Very welcome, but the first week in January?

4 thoughts on “At last, it’s Monday

  1. Gerry

    A lot to absorb here – distressed to hear the Festival Gardens are closed (hope it’s only temporary), pleased a post office is returning to Lark Lane, and similarly astonished by the early appearance of daffodils in this warm weather we’re having (there’s definitely something up!). Coincidentally, I was chatting yesterday with Jessica Doyle about the Anfield Bakery and the great plans the group have got as the support begins to grow. We were talking about how appropriate it would be if LFC, having blighted the area, put in a few coppers, too (did you notice that last month LFC copyrighted the Liver bird symbol – with or without any association to the club? So small businesses that use the symbol locally on products that have no connection with football might be in the legal firing line. Outrageous!).

    1. Ronnie Hughes Post author

      Good point about LFC. Homebaked have had support from an LFC fan site, but I don’t know what help, if any, they’ve had from the club. Would be decent of them to put in the rest and get them to their target, now they’ve got so much pledged from so many of us.


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